Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June 4 Sightseeing in and around Chennai

We went sightseeing in Chennai today. We saw Kapalesvara Temple, also called the Peacock Temple

(this one is from another temple.. see below)

and the Basilica of Saint Thomas who died in Chennai.

Then we went to the most wonderful place with three temple areas and many temples, Mahabalipurnam.

June 3 - Shopping in Chennai

We went shopping today in Chennai city center with Nagamani. We saw people selling all sorts of things, especially fruit. Can you see the size of the limes? They're huge.
We liked this handicraft store, they have beautiful things for sale there.
and watermelon!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

June 2 Jewelry and Saree Shopping

We went shopping after work on Friday night and saw all sorts of things. There were street vendors everywhere with all sorts of fabulous things like the jasmine garlands this woman was selling. Nagamani found a great necklace and then we went to Nalli's where they are famous for beautiful silk sarees.

June 1 Beautiful Place

Out Hotel is beautiful, there are beautiful blooming plants everywhere.

May 31 Colorful India!

Everything seems to be more colorful here in India, especially the way the trucks are decorated. I love it!

May 30 Bay of Bengal

The beach near our hotel has many fishermen, their boats are here when they aren't out. We understand that the palm frond structure is to shade the boats but I haven't seen any under it.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

May 29 We are here outside Chennai

This is the town we go through on the way to work

This is the road outside Xansa

These are people getting on buses to leave work